Bidding and Winning Latest Bridge Construction Tenders

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Communication is one of the basic requirements in the lives of people not only in the country but all over the world. It could be journey by air or sea for the influential people, businessmen, and those who occupy the top rung in the society but for the average man, it is always the road and rail communications. For both these systems, bridge construction constitutes and integral part of the process. That is why numerous bridge construction tenders are floated on the air and in the print and electronic media, notice boards, and on the Internet.

Major Sources of Bridge Construction Tenders
Some of the major sources of bridge construction tenders in the country are –

  • Indian Railways;
  • Rural works Department;
  • Central Public Works Department;
  • State Public Works Department;
  • Rural Development Departments;
  • Water Resources and Irrigation Departments; and
  • National Highways.

Necessity for Bridge Construction
Bridges are the means of overcoming the obstructions faced in setting up the road and railway communication system and that is why most of the road construction authorities and the railways construct bridges on such obstructions. Most of the latest tenders on bridge construction relate to crossing the rivers and other such water bodies. Sometimes flyover bridges are constructed in populated urban areas to prevent conglomeration of traffic on the roads. Such flyover bridges are also constructed at many places on railway and road crossings.

Types of Bridge Constructions
Most of the bridge construction tenders relate to –

  • Bridge construction on rivers and streams;
  • Bridge construction at places that remain dry in other seasons but where substantial amount of water flows in the rainy season;
  • At times it could be bridges over the part of sea like the one in Rameswaram and near Mumbai;
  • Fly over bridges that are usually located in urban populated areas with heavy traffic and on railway road crossings;
  • Over bridges for crossing over from one platform to other; and
  • Bridges that are constructed in major industrial set ups.

Most of the latest tenders relate to these constructions.

Requirements for Bidders
Bridges are essential and they need to be constructed with quality materials so that they are durable and can sustain the loads on it conveniently and is not subject to wear and tear due to normal climatic vagaries. Bidders responding to the bridge construction tenders should realize that they cannot afford to give sub-standard materials or construct sub-standard bridges as it involves the life and safety of thousands of people and vehicles passing over the bridge. That is also one of the reasons that the scrutiny of bridge construction tenders is quite stringent in comparison to the standard construction tenders.

In addition; the agency floating such bridge construction tenders will look forward to the back records of the bidder and therefore before vying for any of the latest tenders it would be good for the prospective bidders to clearly understand whether the tender floated fits with their capabilities and resources perfectly.

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Bidding and Winning Latest Bridge Construction Tenders

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This article was published on 2011/09/04