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Bridge is the most essential construction as this is path which connects the land from one side to another. As we look the structure of the bridge we got to know that the structure of the bridge is so heavy that the heavy steel and concrete is used in the construction of the bridge. The safety and maintenance of the bridges are most important work which is the responsibility of the Government of the country. If the bridges are not maintained time by time it can cause a heavy accident in which high amount of the man kind will suffer so that the bridges are made and demolished time by time.

Hoe Ram is the name of the machinery which is used to demolish the bridges. This is the special type of the machinery which is build to meet the task to demolish the bridges. This machines is short heighted as compare to the other machineries which are build to demolish the other constructed items. The machinery has look like the arm of the human and is specific type of grinding machines are attached at the end so that this type of the machinery will demolish the bridge which is build with heavy and thick blocks of the concrete and the heavy steel material.

According to the American society of the civil engineering the demolishing of bridges are increasing because of the flow of the heavy vehicle with the country is increasing day by day and the fashion of shifting is getting popular so that the traffic flow on the bridges become greater. According to them the maintenance of the bridges is necessary as these have the strong responsibility and the bridges are the main source of the logistic with the country. There are many bridges which are more than 5 miles long and if there is no bridge on that side there should any land to land contact.

Bridge demolition is very technical task to perform because when the buildings are demolished new structure can be build which have its own different limits but when the bridges are demolished there is no way to build a new bridge which has changed the dimension. The shape of the bridge may be vary from the former one but the main limits of the construction will same as on the demolished bridge was based.

Bridges are not demolished and construct now and then. It is the long procedure of constructing a bridge and ones it is demolished the same time frame is needed to build it again but this second the pressure of the traffic which is suffering because of re construction of the bridge is faced.

Some specific procedure should be adopted while demolishing the bridge. Like before demolishing it should be decided that which area left of right is heavy and will remain safe while other one is demolished than the pillars on which the structure is standing will be demolished or maintain or re construct in order to re build the bridge again.

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Bridge Demolishing

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This article was published on 2010/10/26