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Bridges are considered to be one of man’s most fascinating creations. The earliest of bridges were made out by nature itself. For instance, ancient man used fallen logs as a bridge to cross over a stream. With time state of the art bridges were shaped out by humans to connecting cities, communities and even civilisations. Some modern day bridges are even complete with restaurants making today’s bridges more than just a bridge.


Bridges have played an important role in ancient trade and travel routes. To learn more about the many significant bridges in the world, there is no better place than the Bridge Museum in Xiamen.

The museum is an ideal place to explore the many old and new bridges in Fujian. It also provides valuable information on many of China’s great bridges. Interesting facts on the iron arch bridge over the Thames River as well as the Normandy Suspension Bridge can also be found here.


The Bridge Museum is divided in to three main sections, namely the construction of the Haicang Bridge, Review of 19th Century Chinese Bridges and the intriguing Supervision Centre.


The 2/F display at this appealing Bridge Museum consist of 5 sections which include bridges from the ancient world, bridges during the period of 1900 to 1949, bridges during the period of 1950 to 1978, bridges from 1979 to 1999 as well as bridges that are slated to be constructed in the future.


The museum offers the visitor some interesting facts on the Zhaozhou Bridge which is the oldest open-spandrel arch bridge ever built in the world. Beijing’s well known Lugou Bridge is also featured here. Other bridges that are featured at the Bridge Museum include Quanzhou's Luoyang Bridge, Quanzhou's Anping Bridge and Sichuan's Luding Iron-chain Bridge.


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Bridge Museum: A Museum on Bridges

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