Factors To Consider In Bridge Design Detailing For Bridge Construction

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Bridge construction is a time-consuming and complex task generally performed by a team of architects, structural engineers and general contractors. It involves drafting, design analysis, 3D modeling, preparation of working drawings and construction documents for timely delivery of bridge components and structural members. Bridge detailing process helps you understand structural requirements and deliver drawings for construction and commissioning of bridge structural components.

The framing plan drawing is an accurate and detailed graphical representation of all the geometric control required for the detailing of column, section, beam or girder framing. This information is crucial and must allow a room for the authentication of structural calculations, dimensions and drawings by the Engineer of Records (EoR).

The framing plan should clearly describe span lengths, distances between diaphragms, chord lengths, distances between respective girders, elevation angles, girder dimensions, girder radius of curvature and other specifications as required by the EoR.

Concrete components of a bridge are pre-fabricated members and require accurate, complete and standard compliant plans for its fabrication. Different drawings are required for using reinforcing steel, post-tensioned or pre-stressed concrete components. Bridge detail drawings for concrete members may require 3D models to render plan and elevation views along with sections and details.

The drawings may be prepared using computer aided design (CAD) tools and must show the horizontal and vertical placements of concrete, reinforcement steel and pre-stressed tendons. Further, the spacing and placement of rebars must be clearly shown with appropriate dimensions. For bridge deck slab detailing the spans must be separated by construction joints into two parts called positive moment field and negative moment field. The drawing may provide additional construction joints to restrict the volume of concrete to be required for fabrication. The placement order must be such as to ease the latency for tension in the slab due to girder displacement.

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Factors To Consider In Bridge Design Detailing For Bridge Construction

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This article was published on 2010/11/25