Visit Shadorvan Bridge In Shushtar When You Visit Iran

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Shadorvan bridge is one of the beautiful locales you can see when you visit Shushtar. It is located in the Khuzestan province of Iran. Along with this bridge, you will also find the Mizan dam and the Dariun creek which are found in Shushtar. These structures have been constructed over the river Karoon which flows alongside the beautiful city of Shushtar. These structures are quite old but have been pretty well maintained.

The bridge is a reminder of the architecture of the Sassanian dynasty. Shahpur I built this bridge for dual purposes. He wanted to connect both sides of the Karoon river. He also wanted to divert the water to the Dariun creek. By raising the level of the river, this purpose could be achieved.

Great Structures on Water

You will be impressed by the work of Shahpur I when you visit Iran. Along with building Shadorvan bridge, he also made the Mizan dam to properly use the waters of the river Karoon. He made it possible to divide it into two tributaries called Shotate and Gargar. There are 9 entrances in this dam. The bottom of some of these entrances is even lower than the lowest level of water in the river.

Dariun creek was named after Darius I of the Achaemenid dynasty which was made in the downstream side of the Mizan dam. And in the downstream side of the Dariun creek, you will find the Shadorvan bridge. The main purpose of the bridge-cum-dam is to irrigate the Mianab plain.

Excellent Engineering

When you visit Shushtar, you will surely come across the river Karoon, which is the largest one in Iran, used for transporting goods and people. It is the only navigable river you will see when you are traveling in Iran. This Shadorvan bridge also has a Sassanian influence like many other bridges in Iran. After the defeat of the Roman Emperor Valerian by Shapur I, Romans were made to construct the bridges and dams across the country.

These structures are well known for their engineering greatness. The piers of this bridge have a width of 7 meters with 8 meters separating the channels. Traditional Iranian cement made of sand, ash, yoke, water and rubbles, has gone into the making of this structure which is also called the Shapouri bridge. What is left from this bridge is in pretty good condition even after so many years of its construction.
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Visit Shadorvan Bridge In Shushtar When You Visit Iran

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This article was published on 2010/11/01